Past Events

9th December 2017 Alphabetti Theatre St James Boulevard Blandford Square Newcastle: An acoustic Evening with Matt Dunbar, Toni Sidgewick, Joseph Devitt and Olivia Kate Smith

26th November 2017  Think Tank Underground
Country Star straight from America, Amelia White with support from Matt Dunbar and Kitchy Retro

4th November 2017 Think Tank Underground
A New Nowhere with Support from Brent and The Brads, Mosaic Sun, Columbia

30th September 2017 Benwell Sport and Social Club
Bloomsfield, Nobodys Heroes

26th August 2017, The Queens Head, Cullercoats.
Bands Performing: Noorgards, Lava frog, Winterband

Mayfare Single Launch
18th August 2017. Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle. The band, Mayfare, releasing their new single. Support from Mac the Gunner

13th August 2017The Cluny
Chronic Change plus support from Tanx, Brent and The Brads, Logoz

11th August 2017. Riverside, Newcastle.
The band, Mosaic Sun, is releasing their new single. Support from – Suavage

4th Aug 2017 Think Tank Underground, Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Chronic Change, Ten Foot Tom and the Leprosy Crooks, Tanx, Beautiful Ruins

28th July 2017. Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Speeder, Tanx, Columbia

26th July 2017. The Cluny, Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Tanx, Mayfare, The John Doe Experiment

22nd July 2017. Think Tank Underground, Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Lava Frog, Chronic Change, Arkmind

8 July 2017 Northumberland Park, North Shields. Family Event Bandstand event at Northumberland Park with performances from, Brook Miller, Sophie Leigh Ash, Rhiannon Soulsby, Matt Dunbar, Olivia Kate Smith, Rosie Townsley, Mayfare

8 July 2017,Oxfam Event, Riverside, Newcastle.
Large Charity event at Riverside, Newcastle, Bands Participating and donating their time for the Charity. Dansi, The Voluntears, Serinette, Nobodys Heroes, Mosaic Sun, Beyond Blonde, and Tanx

8th July 2017. Riverside. Newcastle.
Bands Performing: The Jar Family, Cows Lying Down, Ten Foot Tom and The Leprosy Crooks

30th June 2017 Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Chloe Chadwick Album launch with Mcdade and Freeman

28th June. Discovery Museum, Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Rhiannon Soulsby, Georgia Porja, Tanx Acoustic

23rd June 2017 Think Tank Underground.
Bands Performing: Social Room, Digits, Winterband.

16th June 2017 Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Bands Performing: Mosaic Sun, Without a Word, Mayfare.

3rd June 2017 Riverside Newcastle.
Bands Performing: Velvoir, Pussywillowfurryvenus, The Circus Villains, Bloomsfield.